Monday, 13 July 2015


Confession: I am obsessed with sleepwear. I do not mind splurging on sleepwear if it means better quality, and therefore better sleep. This nightdress is from Twilfit. Twilfit has had this in store for a couple of years, I know because I've been eyeing it forever, debating whether or not to buy it. Finally I decided a couple of years is way too long to prone after a nightdress and decided to purchase it. It wasn't technically a splurge in the sense that it cost a lot, I think £30 is reasonable considering it is cotton, rather it was a splurge in the sense that I am far from in need of any more sleepwear, but it is so soft, comfortable and romantic and I have been eyeing it for so long so... here we are. 

Also from Twilfit I got this scented candle. I wish you guys could smell it through the computer because honestly it smells so lovely. It smells like roses and peonies and is so strongly scented that you can take it out of the box and leave it unlit and it will still make the entire room smell of it. Normally not a scented-candle fanatic, I just couldn't help myself. The best part about this candle? It was only £19.99! 

Sunday, 5 July 2015

wish-list | summer ft. Chloé


Wishlist by lovisahagberg featuring silk flowers

I have really been lusting for summer these past weeks, and feeling particularly inspired by the items above. As you can probably tell, there is a lot of Chloé on my (big emphasis on the wish-part) wishlist. Most items are very pricey, but hey, a girl can dream, right? I've actually cheated and put the NY cap on my wish list even though I recently purchased it, and I'm also strongly considering these dungarees. 

Sometimes a trend will surface that I am not really feeling. And then I will think that I hate that trend, and sometimes that hatred sticks (like platform sandals, ugh!), but other times I will go on to see endless people hop on this trend and after a while it rubs off on me. Dungarees is this trend for me. It was only a few weeks or so ago when I decided that, okay, with the right style, this isn't so bad. So now I really want to purchase these denim dungarees to have my own go at the trend.

What are some trends you are loving and loathing right now? 

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Untitled #109

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Untitled #110

Untitled #112

Untitled #111

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Stylespo Sunday | Olivia Palermo

It has officially reached that time of year when I am way too excited for summer to dress according to the weather (which is still not very warm) and just throw on a tee and leather jacket and pretend that I'm not freezing. Luckily for me, the rest of Sweden mostly act the same. Give us summer!

Olivia Palermo is the very embodiment of the words classy and chic. She's the very opposite of me - most days I'm a whirlwind of unbrushed hair as I run to catch the bus to work after spending ten minutes throwing on a jean and tee combo. 

Unfortunately life as a kindergarten substitute teacher doesn't leave much room for dressing well - the small salary doesn't allow for repurchasing your favorite items after the kids stained them with the lunch of the day, but I make up for it on the weekends. I have four weeks off this summer, preferably then I'll be running around the High Coast in Sweden rocking Olivia Palermo inspired outfits. These above are some that really inspires me. 

Happy Sunday guys! 

Monday, 11 May 2015

Stylespo Sunday | Selena Gomez + Favorite Outfits

While lately her red carpet outfits have been absolutely divine, Selena Gomez's style is very hit-and-miss for me but above are shown some outfits I really wouldn't mind rocking. The first Zara dress has been a crush of mine since I first saw her wearing it, and the heels clash so well with the dress. The black dress is, if in need of ironing, wonderful - I love the cut! I am really longing for summer weather right now, something I think has been showing on my Tumblr, Polyvore outfits and now in this Stylespo Sunday. But seriously, I need better weather so I can wear outfits like these above.

Happy Sunday guys! 

Thursday, 7 May 2015


Dress Marta En Brazil

A while ago my friend invited me to a ball. I didn't think people still went to balls (aside from graduation balls, and the Nobel dinner.) so you my reply was something along the lines of "A ball? You mean like Cinderella?". But lo and behold, his friend's father was a member of something or other, and as such I got invited. Either the event was truly magical, or I was just a tad bit too keen on the free champagne, but it felt magical, and I felt like Cinderella the entire evening.

I wore the dress pictured above. The dress is borrowed from my little sister, and she bought it in Spain. The brand is Marta En Brazil and it got me so many compliments. A perfect dress for a fancy event! 

Happy Thursday, guys!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Stylespo Sunday | Taylor Swift + Favorite Red Carpet Looks

Taylor Swift always looks like a million bucks on the red carpet, and above are a constellation of times Ms. Swift was a vision in white. Click the "Read More" to see more of my favourite Taylor Swift red carpet looks.

New in | Acne

New in from Acne and Sephora.
Sephora Rouge in colour R20 "Honey"
At Acne I got a pair of shoes I have been lusting after for several months.
 Acne Jensen Boots in suede. 

 Yesterday I did some damage at Acne and Sephora, mainly Acne. At Sephora I got one of their own lipsticks, the line is called Rouge and I got Honey which is a lovely nude colour. I very rarely use lipstick as I don't think I have the lips for it, but this is such a wonderful colour and (dare I say?) it looked so good on me I think I will have to reconsider. 

The second purchase from yesterday was the amazing Acne Jensen Boots as shown above. I got them in Suede. They are rather pricey, but as I have been wanting these for something close to a year I figured I would treat myself, and boy does it feel good! Another thing to cross off the wishlist. I already have so many outfits planned for these beauties, I am really looking forward to showing some to you.

Happy Sunday, guys!